Call for Submissions!: Special Issue on Sustainability and Leadership

This special edition of the journal focuses on sustainability and leadership, with broad concepts and understanding of sustainability in the context of environment, social justice, economy, and governance. Authors are invited to submit their research and articles, with a special focus on the role sustainability plays in promoting successful organizations and how organizations benefit from implementing sustainability in their core values and missions.  Attention of this special edition of the journal will be on sustainability, including environmental, social justice, economy, and governance issues through a forum of refereed articles focused on intersection of sustainability and leadership from various disciplines.

Submissions are due by November 1st. This special issue will be released in December 2017. 

Please help to support our journal by recommending us to your colleagues and submitting your own research!

 Submission guidelines and More Information: Visit our website, or contact 

Dr. Haris Alibašić, Special Issue Editor at